Self Cleaning Concrete

Self Cleaning Concrete
In addition to our existing products, we have developed glass fiber reinforced panel that cleans itself and the environment by the effect of nano particles in the structure of cement. The material attaches both organic and inorganic pollutants on the surface, keeping them in salt form. Rain-soluble salts flow over the panels to clean both the air and the panels.

APPLICATION AREAS: Multi-storey buildings, business centers, hotels, modular buildings, prefabricated building facades

The material is cleaned with the cycle in question and has been maintaining its whiteness for many years.
The new generation of panels produced by Fibrobeton reduces the amount of NOx in the environment by 33%.
With this technology, buildings that are covered with GRC for the first time in the world will not need paint for many years.
City centers, where pollution is caused by intense emission, is an effective method to prevent air pollution in places such as industrial zones.

Facade painting or surface protective material + application cost in a normal structure = $ 10.00 / m2
Renewal of an application every 5 years can be foreseen.
The total maintenance cost of the facade cladding = ($ 10.00 / sqm) / (5 years) = as approx. along the life of the structure= (2,00$/sqm)/year will provide saving.
If the average life of the structure is considered to be 50 years;
The total projected savings is $ 100.00 / sqm acceptable.


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