3D GFRG Wall Panels

3D GFRG Wall Panels
The main material of Fibronit® 3D Wall Panels is GFRG. The GFRG material used in the manufacturing of Fibronit® products developed with innovative production technology is further strengthened by different chemical reactions. In this way, very light and very durable three-dimensional wall panels are obtained.

Application Areas: Interior Facade

Technical Spesifications:
• 50x50cm dimensions
• In addition to standard series models, different sizes can be produced for the project.
• Fire resistance class A1. It is fire resistant thanks to its non-flammable protection feature.
• It is breathed material. It creates a healthy environment by balancing moisture. It does not produce bacteria. Because the pH is neutral, it is harmless to human health.
• Does not contain asbestos or similar carcinogenic effect.
• Thanks to its natural microscopic cavities, it has heat and sound insulation feature in the place where it is applied.
• 100% recyclable environmentally friendly material.
• Lightweight. It is easy to transport and implement. Panel weights range from approximately 1-4 kg, panel thickness varies between 7-35 mm.


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