Translucent Concrete
Fibrobeton has cooperated with the famous Hungarian designer and architect, Aron LOSONCZI, the discoverer of light transmitting concrete, and introduced a version of the new product to the market for the first time in Turkey with the brand name of Fibro-Transbeton®. Fibrobeton is now introducing the Fibro-Transbeton® product, which is a new version of the light transmitting concrete. Fibro-Transbeton® was developed three years ago. 

From LOGO TO THE SCULPTURE :The new version of light transmitting concrete, Fibro-Transbeton®  can be used in all kinds of interior and exterior locations for different purposes. The light points on the surfaces of the Fibro-Transbeton® panels are spread out as homogenuous pixels on an LCD screen. It is possible to create not only flat panels with the Fibro-Transbeton® technology, but also 3- dimensional objects that have folds, inclined forms and hollow structures.It is easier to create models and even colorful logos with the pixels. It’s also ideal for statues and urban furnishings.  

  Form: Prefabricated Panels with Reinforcement 
  Content:  96% concrete,    4% PMMA 
  Density:   2100-2400 kg/m³ 
  Finish (Surface): Polished, Moulded, Washed 
  Available Thicknesses: 40mm and 60mm 
  Maximum panel dimension with 40mm thickness: 1200 x 600mm 
  Maximum panel dimension with 60mm thickness: 3600 x 1200mm 
  Other dimensions can be produced on request. 


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