Fibrobeton is a concrete product reinforced with alkali- resistant glass fiber and is produced with a thickness of 10-15 mm. Due to its easy molding and easily pourable characteristics, it is a good decorative material with durability and a highly resistant facade cladding material reinforced with a steel frame. It can be produced in any required shape.Fibrobeton is the most prestigious facade material preferred by many in building facades and facade dressings. Fibrobeton construction material is an integral and inseparable part of architecture and of architectural solutions of today. Fibrobeton is the innovator of this business and the leading brand in Turkey. 

Fibrobeton offers:
·        Exclusiveness and freedom for architects,
·        Easy and fast mounting for engineers,
·        Economy and easy maintenance for    constructors,
·        Aesthetic value and trust for users.

Fibrobeton means using the limited sources of our country correctly and permanently with a high quality and a suitable purpose. It is the construction material offering the best solution for opening new horizons to design exclusive buildings and to create permanent architectural works. Fibrobeton products manufactured with superior care add actual aesthetics and prestige to buildings.

• Stud-Framed curtain Wall panels
• Texture facade cladding panels
• Stone and wood textured facade cladding panels


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