Decorative Building Elements
The Fibrobeton (GFRC) design material, which has terrific design flexibility, facilitates obtaining architectural forms in every kind of building. Today, traditional and cultural forms that are impossible to construct by reinforced concrete technology alone, can be realized only by benefiting from unique superiorities of FIBROBETON. 

FIBROBETON gives architects limitless design freedom that no other material can provide. FIBROBETON enables the production of all styles ranging from Roman, Renaissance and Gothic disciplines as well as Islamic and Turkish architectural styles with classical and modern architectural elements. Furthermore it is open to new and special forms that constitute the creative power of the architect. Fibrobeton also produces all the molds necessary for the production of forms designed by designers. Experienced and skillful employees produce molds with high quality details ranging from very sensitive carving works to curved elements. This system equips the architect with the advantage of any design he imagines. It’s produced fast with a significant cost advantage and it allows ample creativity.  

• Monoblock Window and Door Precast Panels
• Arched and Keystone Window Precasting with Windowsills
• Cornice
• Sopraportas
• Columns and plasters
• Column Capitals
• Relief and decorative elements
• Flowerpots and Vases
• Special designs
• Domes and pergolas
• Balustrades, Railings, Banisters
• Details for Renovation and Restoration
• Fireplace mantels and Surroundings
• Entry Arcades and Pediments
• Stanchions and Buttresses
• Arabesque and Islamic Forms
• Molding and Manufacturing of any kind of Architectural Forms


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