Fibrofombeton is a brand new external wall concept with a flexible use. It is lighter… more aesthetic… more economic. It’s applied fast and is much more reliable than other solutions. It is a functional system with lower operating costs. It is resistant to water, heat and fire, especially resistant to earthquakes. 

This Thermally Insulated Facade System is used in our country and many others in recent years, cladding hundreds of buildings. It continues to develop and add value to new projects. The fact that the system is patented not only in Turkey but also in many other countries, is sound evidence that the system is unique and extremely functional. 

The system offers not only a waterproof structure but also heat insulation which reduces the power consumption of the building. This is of critical importance when energy costs are taken into account. Turkey is an earthquake prone country; Fibrofombeton composite panels have been designed to combat earthquakes. Necessary tests and studies have been conducted to ensure its security and it is certified against earthquakes. 

Fast and economical installation possibilities, light weight, aesthetic solutions to different creative solutions, color alternatives, long-lasting and atmospheric conditions for compatibility Fibrofombeton`s highlights some of the advantages. When you add the years of experience and technical support to Fibrobeton, all conditions are ready for a perfect solution partnership!


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