Our nation likes to identify brands with their names. We have accepted a lot of products with their brand names in our daily lives. FİBROBETON® is such a brand and we first met at the beginning of the 2000s.

Industrialization has brought with it prefabricated building materials per se, but FİBROBETON® has enriched us with more aesthetic and architectural solutions. This company has always given more than what we imagined. We were freed from the gray which we call “coarse building material”. We have hung this company’s artistic touch on buildings, bridges and dams. Their products became façades, shingles, lattices, planters and many more things. FİBROBETON® ‘s products look like stone or wood or transparent or colored, depending on the construction’s function. Their products never compete with the other building materials, they remain silent because they are sure of themselves.

FİBROBETON® has been the right address to go to when we wanted unique solutions for façades for over a quarter century. This company has delivered timeless solutions with a sturdy infrastructure that could withstand all climate conditions.

Information technologies develop very fast today. Construction methodology will be in an increasingly visual reality where all disciplines will be included. Controlled precast production will replace production in the venue. In the future, the architectural shell will include the roofs, which we call the fourth façade, and software will enable the most difficult forms to be built in the shortest time possible. All of this will not be cheap; the new technologies will consume more energy and more natural resources and we will be faced with more difficult problems as we deal with global warming.

My dream is to build more simple, more environmentally friendly, more durable structures that won’t wear us out and which will be in accord with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s principle of, “Less is more”.

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