Fibrobeton is the first name that comes to mind when GRC / GFRC is considered for façades. This company never failed in its quality and has always come up with diversified products. This has made FB the leading company in the sector.


Our company started to work with Fibrobeton in 2000. At first, FB did our building embellishment works like window sills, door jambs etc. Then, we worked with FB for the façade claddings of highrises like Marriott, Büyükhanlı Plaza, and Göztepe Residence. We preferred to use GRC / GFRC because GRC / GFRC cladding can be produced in all sizes, the panels are easily assembled, and its insulation property is perfect. We chose the Fibrobeton brand because they have a very technical infrastructure and their quality in production and installation is indisputable. Marriott hotel was inaugurated in 2007 and there has been silicone renewal on the façade only once. The hotel’s façade looks like it was constructed yesterday in 2022.


We hope to collaborate with Fibrobeton in the years to come. We are proud of their accomplishments in big projects abroad. We wish our friends Mr. Yetişener and Mr. Maraşlı and their whole team the best and further successes.

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