The first thing in my mind when you say Fibrobeton is the combination of our design and today’s technology. We architects have the mission of directing the investors in the right way. OK. What is the mission of the architect? What does he want to achieve? What kind of identity does the architect want for the building? What should the “dress” be to give the building its identity? Well, that “dress” of the building should be installed at the shortest time possible, should be heat and noise insulating, and should be cost efficient for long term maintenance.


Fibrobeton® is the sector’s sine qua non, the leading company that develops precast products to meet architectural demands. They never stop their R&D activities. The variety of their products leads us architects to flexible solutions and solves our minute problems. This company invites the designers and investors to their plant to inform them, so that they can have the real information about the materials and building processes. Fibrobeton helps and supports designers and architects for them to witness all stages of production so that they can come up with new designs and solutions.


Our path intersected with Fibrobeton® in 1989 and since then, the company has been our solutions partner. I’m sure they will be one of my favorites in the future with the newer technologies and flexible solution opportunities to come.

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