Working with Fibrobeton, which is globally acknowledged to be the leading professional company in this field, results in the high quality and original solutions which our designs necessitate.


We met with Fibrobeton as we were working on our İstanbul TV and Radio Tower project. Aside from the unique design of the façade, the wind tunnel tests showed us that GRC / GFRC / GRC / GFRC / GFRC panels would be the most appropriate choice. Fibrobeton, then, gave us all the GRC / GFRC / GRC / GFRC / GFRC information we needed ( 2014- 2015).


The design value which Fibrobeton contributes to architecture is actually more layered than it looks. Their R&D works show the importance they attribute to development in this field. I think they will push the sector forward with ecological products that are thin, flexible, bendable, 3D generated and hybrid composites.

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