We have been working with FİBROBETON® for a long time. This company doesn’t only produce and deliver the material, their design team and managers also support our projects. They constantly work on new materials at their R&D center and they come up as the leading façade cladding company.


We prefer to work with FİBROBETON® because their façade cladding material provides that modest, refined and long lasting result our firm targets. They give us a faultless surface quality and ample freedom to design original grout patterns. In the past, we had used their insulation filled hanging façade panel system in a highrise for the first time in Turkey and the result was very successful. Then we chose to work with FİBROBETON at the terminal building in Istanbul’s second airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport.


We are excited about the new materials FİBROBETON® will develop in the coming years. Design and construction methods change rapidly and we keep in pace with the new refined building materials. Kudos on your 35th anniversary…

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